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         Acoustical Consulting Services:

A. System testing

B. Prepare specifications for microphones, loudspeakers, and electronic equipment. 

C. Bid review and evaluation service.                         

         Sound Reinforcement System Training:

A. In depth training at the church on the House Sound System.           

B. Discuss the interrelationship of the entire system and how adjustments made in one area can affect other locations.

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                                                C. Discuss the proper places to make adjustments and the  importance of not making changes in other system signal paths.

                                                            D. Training to be accomplished in two sessions within a four week period, two hours each.


                                                            E. Training could be on a weekday evening, as well as on a Sunday Service. (AM or PM)


                     Administration Services:


                                                           A. Coordination of volunteers in Sound dept.


                                                           B.  To shown how to recruit new members for the Sound dept.


                                                           C.  Meet with Music Director and any other interested parties on  System performance and operation.




                                                          A. 4 Hours on location              $ 200.00


                                                          B. 6 Hours on location              $ 300.00


                                              C. 8 Hours on location              $ 600.00