Tribute Planning

Life Story DVD Recordings

Your memories are important. This DVD Tribute can remind you of your loved one's greatest accomplishments, courage, and loving memories.
From the moment we are contacted until the delivery of your memorial Tribute, you will be treated with respect, dignity, and honor.
We will create a beautiful tribute spanning the life of your lost loved one.
To create these DVDs, we treat each video created as if it were our own family member. We understand how important memories are to families and those memories can now be preserved and shared for years to come.


The Details & How it works:
Meet with our SCM family of experts to create a special time to present a lasting tribute that will be remembered forever
Choose your selection of photos or video and presentation format
Your DVD will cover topics such as your childhood, ancestors, where you grew up, what are the great loves and passions of your life, military service, and your beliefs
Posting your video on our custom SCM Web-site

  Live Video Recording : $ 500.00
Your Life Story Recording can be at any location that says something about who you are, such as your home.
Our Recording crew interviews you with a series of simple questions designed to help you tell your story in your own words and at your own pace
12 photographs that you select that will be edited in with your personal interview
Recording of 2 hours on location
12 photos used with the interview
Post Editing of A/V with music
Personal web-site for 60 day's
DVD package with 4 copies

  Tribute Photo Montage: $ 215.00
30 or more Photos and Title Page
Music from our licensed library for the right mood.
Photo Montages from any size photo up to 8 x 10 or Photo CD
Post Production Editing of: Photo/Video/ Audio
DVD package with 4 copies
Personal web-site for 60 day's

Tape-Film to DVD $ 100.00
Extra DVD Copies $ 25.00
Music and Captions $ 100.00


Photo Montage DVD

PHOTOS SONGS LENGTH PRICE                                                                                                                                                VIDEO DEMO'S: [CLICK FOR DEMO]
15 1 3 MIN $ 100.00                                                                                                                                                                          Memoral Servces
30 1-3 3-6 MIN $ 215.00
100 5-6 14-19 MIN $ 300.00
200 12-up 39-up MIN $ 500.00
8mm-super8 film to DVD:
100' to DVD $ 49.00
Additional .25 per foot after 1st 100'


Rental 1/ 20" Video Monitor $ 100.00
Rental 1/ 60" Video Monitor $ 300.00
Rental 1 Location Sound System $ 360.00
Setup/tear-down $ 30.00
Personal Video Web-site $ 100.00
"All Monitors are DVD/VHS Ready"