Electronic Broadcast Field Production

You are invited to meet the SCM Family of Audio and Video experts. Join a Special Program of  Electronic Field Production that will create new opportunities through Technology.

To create these opportunities and meet Broadcast Quality we are using professional Sony 3-chip Beta Cam SP or DV-CAM / HD cameras with wireless stereo audio recording equipment.

We also can edit your tape in our Digital state-of-the-art Avid or Adobe editing suites.

This Electronic Field Production system is perfect for archival and a great way to produce Press Kits, Multimedia

Presentations, TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Conferences and Training opportunities.


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                                                                 SPECIAL PRODUCTION PACKAGES

Clients order 48 hours before shoot. A minimum of 50 % is required to secure recording date. Balance due on day of shoot.

Hour for set-up & Hour for tear-down is included, additional time used will be billed out at a rate of  $ 100.00  per hour.

All sets needed for shoot are the responsibility of Client.


Cost is  $ 300.00  for One Hour.    Additional Hours $ 250.00 ea.


Cost is  $500.00  for Two Hours.   Additional Hours $ 250.00 ea.


Cost is $800.00  per Four Hours    Additional Hours $ 225.00 ea.


Cost is $1400.00 per Eight Hours.   Additional Hours $ 200.00 ea.

All Packages also includes:

Video recording on a Sony broadcast-quality camera, with 1 light, Beta Cam Sp or DV Cam (3 Chip) & HD.

Direct mailing of tapes requires a shipping & handling fee.

Materials are at additional cost.


Post production editing of video/ Audio at additional cost. ($110.00 per hour)

1 Man ( Audio Tech)  with Wireless Mic.(3unit) = (8 Hour Day) $ 525.00

1 Light Kit (8 Hour Day) $ 150.00


Media Support Crew:  Location work is performed by a Camera Operator, and Audio Tech For all Commercial and Industrial Applications.

Equipment Support: Location work is performed on EFP style Equipment for both Audio and Video.

* (All Materials used are at additional cost)


Studio Rate:   (Betacam SP, SVHS ,DV-CAM, HD )

 1 Camera = $ 110.00/hr.       2 Camera  =$ 150.00/hr.      3 Camera =$300.00/hr.  

Switching  =$ 125.00/hr.        A/B Roll Editing-Analog = $ 125.00/hr.*   Straight Cut Edit/Analog = $ 60.00/hr.*  

Computer Non-Linear Editing = $ 110.00/hr.* (Avid)   

Time code Burn -in / VHS-DVD  = $ 25.00 ea.*     Analog to Digital Transfer  = $ 60.00/hr.*

  * (All Materials used are at additional cost)