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In these "high-tech" times, the majority of our information is received through the radio / TV and the Internet /Web.

To help companies with new ways to communicate their services, and products, SCM has introduced the new and cost-effective


  SCM can also provide you with a total production and duplication package.

WEB Cameo Video package:

* 1 hour  for location Video shoot (i.e .M-F 9-6)

* Montage of exterior / interior, intimate shots of staff / facilities, and interviews.

* Auto-Open Programming and Hyperlinks to both E-mail and Web Address

* Post-production editing (1 Hour)  with  Intro and Outro Titles and use of studio music library

Package Cost: $ 300.00


Additional Production:

                                                      Extra Video Shoot on Location:           $ 120.00 per hour       (min two hour)

                                                                          Studio Video Editing:        $ 120.00 per hour

                                                   Web Cam / Video Web Streaming:        $ 120.00 per hour