Custom sound system design and installation from the experts: Studio Central Multimedia!

For over 3 decades, SCM has provided the best quality sound system products for churches and Christian ministries. SCM has gained the experience and expertise our customers have come to know and trust. We offer you our best audio and video engineering experience! Our team will evaluate your specific needs from building and acoustic structure to the outcome of music and spoken word media in your ministry as well as video!
From designing to installation, we will provide the sound system that best fits your needs. We use the best quality products, excellent sound and video engineering, training and support to ensure a solid media ministry future. We will help you get the most for your money while staying within your budget


Your satisfaction is our highest priority!
Our team is your partner in developing an environment that will lead your congregation into a deeper, more intimate worship experience. Our team of professionals will come alongside your ministry to understand your vision for your ministry to determine your needs and budget. We will then help design the right system to enhance your ministry impact, while staying within your established budget.

We will help your leadership with the difficult task of managing and overseeing the audio and video aspects of new construction projects, or upgrades of current audio/video equipment.


Keep it simple!
Don't let this happen to you. We have seen it. Rooms filled with high tech equipment, with no one knowledgeable enough to operate it. Doors locked and signs posted, "Do Not Enter." No one enters, no one uses the equipment. We want to keep it as simple as possible. We want to keep it as affordable as possible. We want everything to be useable to support your vision of service.

Our team of professionals comes with over 60 years of collective experience in the audio/video and ministry environments. Helping churches accomplish their mission is the passion that drives us. We are world renowned for our expertise in applying creative technology to the task of transforming ordinary space into a beautiful, yet well balanced area for worship expression.


"Professional Sound Seminar".

This course will be very extensive and should make a person proficient in sound system knowledge, and how to mix live sound in your church. Training Class for 4 people for only $ 200.00   The Sound Seminar is tailor made for your House Sound System using your church equipment


SCM is also offering a Sound check up and system evaluation with this seminar!!!  SCM acoustical consulting service will include: Review and evaluation of microphones, loudspeakers, and electronic equipment.


Your Sound Reinforcement Training Seminar will include:

Sound System Design and Basic Principles...Cables & Connectors, Soldering leads 

Types of Microphones and their usages...Types of mixers, Amplifiers, Signal Processors

Equalizers & Equalizing...Types of Loudspeakers, Monitors

A text book for future reference, Glossary of Terms...Hands on training, Stage Layouts

Training will be accomplished in two sessions, two hours each.

Course could be on a weekday evening, as well as on a Sunday Service. (AM or PM)


To Order Your Professional Sound Seminar,  write to this E-mail address:
or call: Studio Central Multimedia  at: (210) 771-5424